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The Concept is Elegant in its Simplicity. Asteroids offer greater detail, precision and accuracy in radix and predictive charts. They more closely match astrological symbology to the language with which we think, act and feel. They articulate the experiences of the past, present and future. They give a specific degree in the chart for issues such as: the sexual history, triangulation, parental, marital and sibling relationships, the processing of loss, areas of medical weakness, the specific impact of the psychological profile, and much more. To discover if you're interested in asteroids, try the introductory lessons <click here>

Why would you want to use asteroids?

As an astrologer, I have a hope; perhaps you share it. In a world that is perfectly imperfect, I suspect that astrology, as a system, is the exception. I think it can represent personality and experience in exact image. This belief motivates me to expect a great deal from the system. When astrology fails to address detail, I don't look to "will" as an excuse; I'm not satisfied to say, "Well, sometimes Pluto does manifest that way," or any of the other statements that allow, so politely, for error. I figure that either I missed it, that I neglected to see or correctly read the indications, or... that there are operatives or modifiers of which I am unaware. If the system of astrology is perfect (and even given that we, as human beings, aren't,) we can still get incredibly closer to a replica of who we are and how and why we interact on the level of events.

So I ask you: what if you could be more precise and accurate with both natal and predictive charts? What if you were able to trace experiences in much greater detail? What would it mean to you and your paradigm of existence if you were able to prove to yourself that even the content of thoughts were "trackable events," and that they occurred on a predictable time curve? What would it mean to your personal development or effectiveness with clients if you had more exact language and methods to discuss such things as: relationship patterns, business decisions, instances of rejection or infidelity, the sexual history, the addiction cycle, the ability to handle and process loss, areas of medical weakness, the effect of painful psycho-dynamics, and much, much more?

In capable hands, the practice of astrology is remarkable. But if you know it could be better, you're already interested in asteroids! If you haven't previously dreamed my dream of its perfection, the asteroids may haunt your old expectations of astrology. You have much to gain by learning enough about them to make an informed decision. And I hope access to the research presented in my reference books will provide a solid basis for you in interpretation and both radix and predictive methods.